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NICEVILLE, FL — A woman who fired a shot “straight up in the air” to quiet a group of noisy neighbors was arrested. The 56-year-old woman, who lives in an apartment complex, was charged with firing a weapon in a residential area and using a gun while under the influence of alcohol, according to her […]

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Orlando apartment security guard indicted in murder, sex battery of resident

ORLANDO, Fla. – A grand jury has indicted a downtown Orlando apartment security guard in the murder and sexual battery of one of the apartment complex residents. Stephen Duxbury, the security guard accused of killing 27-year-old Sasha Samsudean at her Uptown Place apartment, has been in the Orange County Jail without bond on sexual battery […]

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Premise Liability Lawsuit hits Florida Apartment Owner

WEST PALM BEACH – A mother of a second teen who was found shot to death at Hampton Court Apartments in August 2014, has sued the owner of the Mangonia Park complex, claiming negligent security contributed to the triple murder that has not yet been solved. In a lawsuit filed Friday in Palm Beach County […]

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Florida State Senate Takes Steps to Protect Real Estate Agents

Tampa, FL –  In an encouraging step towards improving safety for realtors in the state of Florida, the Florida State Senate has passed a bill through a special committee to increase the punitive measures taken against criminals that target real estate agents.  Currently, crimes against realtors are commonly handled as 2nd degree misdemeanors.  The bill […]

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