Sexual assault in Austin continue, apartment community vendors suspected

AUSTIN – Police are now handing out flyers to businesses and apartment complexes and offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of a serial attacker in North Austin.

Officers with the Austin Police Department handed out the following flyer to business owners and managers, stating that an anonymous tip that leads to the assailant’s arrest could mean up to $1,000 for the tipster:

In a letter sent out to property managers of apartment complexes in northwest Austin, APD is asking each apartment to provide a list of business names that have been used since November 2015 to do contracting work on the property. Examples of businesses include those that lease furniture or appliances, that clean vacant apartments, that install carpets, that repave parking lots and that paint or repair exterior buildings.

“They’re trying to get with the apartment complexes to get a list of those contractors that have been utilized,” said Austin Police Officer Ivan Ramos. “That way they can go down the list and hopefully come up with something.”

Capezio manager Amanda Pittillo said their staff talked with police, they are no longer leaving work along and always have their keys ready to go when they walk out the door.

APD is also asking managers to remind tenants to be aware of their surroundings as they make their way to and from their apartment and at local businesses around the neighborhood.

Police said the man pushes or grabs women from behind and sometimes puts a knife to their throats. Each time women scream, police said he runs off.

He is between 5-feet 7-inches to 5-feet 9-inches tall, weighs approximately 150 pounds and is in his early-to-mid 20s with short black hair. Police said there is a common them of the suspect wearing a hoodie and either a face mask or bandana to cover the lower part of his face. Police said the suspect may be armed and if he’s not wearing a hoodie, he’s wearing dark, long-sleeved shirts or jackets.


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