Apartment Heroes: Maintenance Worker Saves 3 Year Old on his First Day!

At Apartment Guardian, we come across many negative and sad stories about people getting hurt and lives changing, often not for the better.  On the flip side, however, we come across an incredible number of beautiful stories involving on-site employees going above and beyond to help those around them.  “Apartment Heroes” is a series of articles celebrating the men and women of multifamily that step up and inspire us all.

Today’s story is about the craziest first day we’ve ever heard about!

It was 26 year old Greg Johnson’s first day on the job as a maintenance worker at Oakland Park apartments.  Hearing screaming coming from the pool area, Johnson sprinted over to the pool and noticed a little boy laying lifeless in the pool.  Not missing a beat, Johnson grabbed the 3 year old out of the pool and started performing CPR while praying the boy would make it.

When asked about his experience Johnson said, “He was lifeless.  I prayed as much as I could, and just pumped.  I just prayed and pumped – that’s all I did”.  With the help of Mr. Johnson’s quick reactions and CPR training, the young toddler is now in stable condition at the hospital and looks like he will make a full recovery.

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