Wife of realtor stabbed while showing home speaks out


The wife of a Las Vegas realtor is speaking out after her husband suffered a knife attack while showing a home in North Las Vegas.

“It was very traumatic,” said Josephine Vega. “I’ve never experienced anything like this before and he’s not in good condition.”

Ryan Vega, 37, was stabbed in the neck while showing a home on the 2200 block of Webster Street near E. Carey Ave.

“There were whole bunch of people over there. The buyer’s agent, the buyer, and Ryan,” Vega recalled. “They showed the home and when they went outside, that’s when the son of the tenants actually hollered at Ryan and said ‘please come inside the home before you leave.’”

Vega says her husband went inside the home and that’s when the tenant attacked.

“He runs out with his hands on his throat and he’s bleeding he’s collapsing and he’s trembling,” Vega said.

Ryan suffered a cut on his trachea and is recovering in the intensive care unit. His family is trying to figure out what triggered his attacker.

“The family seemed okay, the sons [is] on drugs,” Vega’s family member said of the tenants.

“[Ryan] invited the attacker to church,” Vega said. “He’s a celebrate recovery leader at church and [Ryan] said that all of a sudden [the tenant’s] eyes became evil and he attacked him right then and there.”

In grief, Vega says she’s sharing her family’s story to raise awareness on the risks of the real estate business.

“This story has to be shared so that [realtors] are more aware and more careful,” Vega said.

North Las Vegas police said Friday that a suspect was not in custody.

A Go Fund Me campaign was created to assist the family. If you would like to donate, you can follow this link.


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