Chattanooga Realtors Prepare For On-The-Job Risks With Self-Defense Tranining

The Greater Chattanooga Association of Realtors hosted the latest class in a series of self-defense workshops specifically tailored to the needs of real estate agents on Friday. “With assaults on Realtors frequenting news headlines and contributing to an average of more than 25 fatalities each year since 2004, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor […]

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Does your community have a Disaster Relief Plan?

With the increased number of natural weather disasters, it’s more important than ever to have an emergency response plan in place for your apartment community.  South Carolina recently experienced the sudden and surprising damage that can strike when they experienced flooding during Hurricane Joaquin.  There are also many other risks that must be prepared for […]

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Could you Owner be Sued in a Negligent Security Case?

Has your apartment community experience crime in the last few years?  Apartment break-ins, vandalism, car theft, sexual assault, and other forms of violence at an apartment community are serious crimes and if a pattern of crime becomes evident, your owner’s chance of getting hit by a Negligent Security case, or a Premise Liability case go […]

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Lawsuit: Property Manager Wins 2.4M Lawsuit against Building Owner

In a case that sets the stage for others of its kind, an Atlanta judge has ruled that the owner of Townsview Station Apartments is at fault for failing to provide ample safety measures for their apartment community. The plaintiff, the former property manager of Townsview Station Apartments reported to her owners that a series […]

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Crime Report: Assault at Denver Apartment Community

Yesterday in a bizarre chain of sexual assaults, a 46 year old Denver man was arrested in connection with a spree that included 4 sexual assaults in a short period of time, each assault escalating in severity.  The third victim of these attacks was targeted in the lobby of an apartment community where he proceeded […]

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Questioning Traditional Tips for Safer Leasing

Years ago multifamily operators recognized major safety issues that were inherent to the job of renting and managing apartments.  Veterans of the industry will always remember Randy Joseph Wedding, also known as “The Leasing Agent Rapist” for his arrest in 1988 after admitting to sexually assaulting 13 different leasing professionals in Phoenix and Tuscon.  Recognizing […]

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8 Factors that Increase Risk On-Site

When you think of workplace safety, the first thing most American’s think of is the OSHA poster pinned up in the breakroom.  These rules are very important for all companies, not just management companies.  With that said though, we want to look at a different segment of workplace safety – interactions with the public, specifically […]

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Quick Tips: Diffusing an Argument with a Resident or Co-worker

Step #1: Breath! Your first reaction during an argument is to fire back a retort.  This is not productive.  If a resident or a colleague confronts you, take a quick moment and take a deep breath.  This will give you a second to get your bearings and slow down your thoughts. Step #2: Delay if […]

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