Hear From Our Clients

"Personal safety is a top priority at JMG and these 911 devices are made available to the personnel in my portfolio for use when showing apartments and walking the property and vacant units."
Jean Woodworth
EVP, JMG Realty
"We have been using the Apartment Guardian for a couple of years now and in all reality, you hope that no one ever has to use the device, but we actually had an instance where it was utilized and it worked as designed and local emergency personnel responded."
Bob Kohlman
VP, BRG Apartments
"Our staff is now equipped with Apartment Guardian! Thank you! I hope we never need it though."
Shelly Martin
President, ATC Co
"Our property managers keep telling me how much they love working with you guys. You really have great customer service."
Dave Heitzman
Director, Property Management

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