Frisco Police Visits Apartments to Improve Community Outreach

FRISCO (WBAP/KLIF News) — Police in Frisco are visiting apartment complexes to make sure they stay in the loop on security risks.

The department says the initiative is made to provide community outreach to a growing segment of Frisco’s population — apartment tenants — that has a tendency to be overlooked.

“A lot of times apartment communities, you find yourself just going to your garage and going to your door and not really looking around,” said Frisco officer Ryan Chandler.

He said tenants need to be aware of common security risks, like car break-ins, especially considering how many new apartments in Frisco have central parking garages.

“A lot of the newer style apartments have those inner parking garages, which are real easy for burglars to drive up in, scope around, and kind of be incognito,” Chandler said.

He also said they want to keep managers informed so they aren’t left in the dark whenever an officer responds to a call at an apartment. Sometimes, according to Chandler, managers are unaware that police even responded to a call at one of their apartments unless it’s during a time the manager is on-site.

He said in addition to informing them about tools provided by Frisco Police, officers have been fielding questions from managers to better learn how they can serve apartment communities.

“The big push there is to make sure we’re accessing those citizens,” Chandler said. “It’s definitely a growing population here in the City of Frisco, and we want to make sure they know we’re here to help them.”


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