Family of woman who was raped by security guard is suing management company

The family of a woman raped and strangled to death at a downtown apartment in 2015 filed a lawsuit Monday against the apartment complex and the security company that employed her alleged killer, court records say.

Sasha Samsudean, 27, was found dead in her Uptown Place apartment on North Orange Avenue in October 2015. Police say Stephen Duxbury, a security guard at the complex, overrode an electronic lock and entered Samsudean’s apartment where he sexually assaulted and killed her.

The 102-page lawsuit alleges that the apartment complex and Vital Security, which employed Duxbury, ignored other residents’ complaints calling him “sketchy” and said they felt “harassed” by him.

Her family also is suing the Kwikset lock company, alleging it had a smart key system that was “dangerously susceptible to unsophisticated forced entry attacks,” the lawsuit said.

Duxbury is charged with first-degree murder and attempted sexual assault, and is awaiting trial.

None of the companies have responded to the lawsuit.


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