Crime Report: Another Property Manager Stabbed On-Site

It what has become a common occurrence, a young female property manager in Eugene Oregon was attacked and stabbed multiple times in the head by a resident wielding shards of a hookah.  Kirk James Withrow, resident of Stadium Park Apartments, was taken into custody by local authorities after the suspect was pinned down.

The property manager was taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center where she is in stable condition recovering from her wounds.

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  • kassy linde /

    Does anyone know why Kirk did what he did? Do you know he is autistic? Do you know he had brain cancer that wasn’t diagnosed yet? Kirk is my brother an he isn’t a violent person. But I’m 1,000% sure if you had a tumor putting pressure on your brain causing you to black out you would do some stuff you normally would not do. so my brother isn’t a bad guy. My brother is just a poor soul that just happened to have cancer that wasn’t diagnosed. Yes he feels bad for something he has no recollection of. But he isn’t the monster everyone makes him out to be.

    • Thank you for commenting. First, we would like to acknowledge our sympathies for all parties involved and note that we have no bias or negative feelings towards those with disabilities or life altering health issues.

      With that said, this article was not an indictment on Kirk, or anyone in particular. Our goal at Apartment Guardian is to raise awareness in the multifamily industry about safety for on-site employees – the property managers, leasing agents, and maintenance workers, who work in highly isolated conditions that leave them vulnerable to incidents like this. If this article targets anything, it is the system, not the event. Please read through all of the other blog posts and you will see that they all relate to what in our field is termed “Lone Worker” situations. At the end of the day, regardless of why this happened, it still happened and we want on-site workers to be more prepared so they are safer. Events like this happen nationwide on an alarmingly regular basis, so people have a right to know so they are more educated and aware. It is our hope that we can curb the tide of violence, regardless of why it happens.

      Thank you again for your comments. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and the property manager involved.

      Apartment Guardian

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