What every manager secretly wishes they could do!

NICEVILLE, FL — A woman who fired a shot “straight up in the air” to quiet a group of noisy neighbors was arrested. The 56-year-old woman, who lives in an apartment complex, was charged with firing a weapon in a residential area and using a gun while under the influence of alcohol, according to her […]

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Sexual assault in Austin continue, apartment community vendors suspected

AUSTIN – Police are now handing out flyers to businesses and apartment complexes and offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of a serial attacker in North Austin. Officers with the Austin Police Department handed out the following flyer to business owners and managers, stating that an anonymous tip that leads to […]

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What is a Nuisance Ordinance?

In a very interesting Article by Refinery29, the subject of local Nuisance Ordinances was explained with regards specifically to a resident being evicted after being a victim of domestic violence in Surprise, AZ. Take a look at the article here: http://www.refinery29.com/2015/08/93010/assault-report-eviction#.vr55ck:4xs5 Feel strongly about Nuisance Ordinances?  Have a story about them?  We would love to […]

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Should you turn your apartment into a gated community?

This article originally appeared on CrimeDoctor.com and was written by Chris McGoey, CAM, CPP, CSP.     Perception of Security More and more people want to reside in gated residential communities. Because of this, gated residential communities and garden apartments across the country are being built at record rates. In the 1970s there were approximately […]

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Learn about Crime Free Multi-Housing

Started in 1992 in Arizona by the Mesa Police Department, Crime Free Multi-Housing is a phenomenal resource for all community managers looking for new resources and ideas that will make their community shine!  The non-profit has programs in 2,000 cities throughout the congruent U.S. as well as international advisors in England, Canada, and Nigeria. The […]

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Apartment Heroes: Maintenance Worker Saves 3 Year Old on his First Day!

At Apartment Guardian, we come across many negative and sad stories about people getting hurt and lives changing, often not for the better.  On the flip side, however, we come across an incredible number of beautiful stories involving on-site employees going above and beyond to help those around them.  “Apartment Heroes” is a series of […]

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