RISK: Step by Step Breakdown of On-Site Safety Liability

What do multifamily owners and the great Achilles of Phthia have in common?  Both have a weak spot.  Based on 3rd party legal feedback from multiple legal teams specializing multifamily litigation, Premise Liability, specifically as it relates to on-site employees, is the biggest risk currently facing owners around the country. Almost all owners are well […]

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Could you Owner be Sued in a Negligent Security Case?

Has your apartment community experience crime in the last few years?  Apartment break-ins, vandalism, car theft, sexual assault, and other forms of violence at an apartment community are serious crimes and if a pattern of crime becomes evident, your owner’s chance of getting hit by a Negligent Security case, or a Premise Liability case go […]

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Who should pay to protect my property staff?

Often times in the apartment industry, fee managers are unsure on who is responsible for providing safety for their staff.  The general thought process is: “These are my employees and I pay insurance and workers comp, so it’s my responsibility as a fee manager”.  So what happens when a staff member is attacked or hurt at […]

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OSHA and Multifamily

When you hear OSHA, the first thing most people think about are the set of rules and advice for avoiding workplace injuries.  Ever present in American breakrooms, these reduce are a core liability reducer for multifamily operators.  Another major aspect of OSHA is workplace safety relating to our interactions with others, and in multifamily, our […]

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Crime Report: Assault at Denver Apartment Community

Yesterday in a bizarre chain of sexual assaults, a 46 year old Denver man was arrested in connection with a spree that included 4 sexual assaults in a short period of time, each assault escalating in severity.  The third victim of these attacks was targeted in the lobby of an apartment community where he proceeded […]

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Learn about Crime Free Multi-Housing

Started in 1992 in Arizona by the Mesa Police Department, Crime Free Multi-Housing is a phenomenal resource for all community managers looking for new resources and ideas that will make their community shine!  The non-profit has programs in 2,000 cities throughout the congruent U.S. as well as international advisors in England, Canada, and Nigeria. The […]

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Crime Report: Gunshot Claims Life of Durham Property Manager

Frederick Edgerton was more than a Property Manager at Oakley Square Apartments, he was a man that was trying to make life better for the people living in and around his community.  This week, Mr. Edgerton was shot and killed at the apartment community, a victim of the violence was trying to fix through prayer […]

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Athens man attacks property manager

Chadwick Mark Allen, 26, was arrested Tuesday after he reportedly created a disturbance at the Abbey West apartment complex where he lives off of Epps Bridge Parkway. A property manager questioned him about stealing food from the office, at which time he became upset and tried to fight the manager and others, Athens-Clarke County police […]

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