FBI Study: Inside the Mind of a Serial Rapist

Fair warning, this article is grizzly, but the information is valuable for folks working in multifamily and the real estate industry, and in general. During the mid-80s, the FBI special agents assigned to The National Center of Violent Crime (NCAVC) conducted an extensive study of 41 men who combined, had raped 837 victims.  Below is […]

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Crime Report: Another Property Manager Stabbed On-Site

It what has become a common occurrence, a young female property manager in Eugene Oregon was attacked and stabbed multiple times in the head by a resident wielding shards of a hookah.  Kirk James Withrow, resident of Stadium Park Apartments, was taken into custody by local authorities after the suspect was pinned down. The property […]

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Who should pay to protect my property staff?

Often times in the apartment industry, fee managers are unsure on who is responsible for providing safety for their staff.  The general thought process is: “These are my employees and I pay insurance and workers comp, so it’s my responsibility as a fee manager”.  So what happens when a staff member is attacked or hurt at […]

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What is a Nuisance Ordinance?

In a very interesting Article by Refinery29, the subject of local Nuisance Ordinances was explained with regards specifically to a resident being evicted after being a victim of domestic violence in Surprise, AZ. Take a look at the article here: http://www.refinery29.com/2015/08/93010/assault-report-eviction#.vr55ck:4xs5 Feel strongly about Nuisance Ordinances?  Have a story about them?  We would love to […]

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Lawsuit: Property Manager Wins 2.4M Lawsuit against Building Owner

In a case that sets the stage for others of its kind, an Atlanta judge has ruled that the owner of Townsview Station Apartments is at fault for failing to provide ample safety measures for their apartment community. The plaintiff, the former property manager of Townsview Station Apartments reported to her owners that a series […]

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Questioning Traditional Tips for Safer Leasing

Years ago multifamily operators recognized major safety issues that were inherent to the job of renting and managing apartments.  Veterans of the industry will always remember Randy Joseph Wedding, also known as “The Leasing Agent Rapist” for his arrest in 1988 after admitting to sexually assaulting 13 different leasing professionals in Phoenix and Tuscon.  Recognizing […]

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