Realtors face new threat – The Angry GOOSE

LOS ANGELES, March 3 (UPI) — A Los Angeles real estate agent filming in a beachside neighborhood for her website captured an unexpected attack by a territorial goose on video.

Realtor Roma Barba said she was “out door knocking” while looking for prospects in the Playa del Rey/Del Rey Lagoon area in mid-February when she decided to film some video of the neighborhood for her website.

Barba had just started filming when a flock of geese walked into frame.

“Here in Playa del Ray at Del Rey Lagoon, it’s one of the few places,” Barba manages to say before one of the geese breaks from the group and runs toward her.

The goose advances on Barba aggressively while making threatening noises. The Realtor, in turn, flees while laughing and continuing to film the goose.

Here is the video!

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